SGI® Altix® 3700 Bx2 User's Guide

Document Number: 007-4377-002

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1. Operation Procedures
Connecting a System Console
Powering the System On and Off
Using Embedded Support Partner (ESP)
Monitoring Your Server
Installing Optional Components

2. System Control
Levels of System Control
System Controller Interaction
L1 Controller
Optional Ethernet Switch
Console Hardware Requirements
Operating the L1
L2 Emulator Operation
Upgrading L1 Firmware

3. System Overview
System Models
System Architecture
System Features
System Components
Optional System Components

4. Rack Information
Tall Rack (40U)
Technical Specifications

5. CR-brick
External Components
Internal Components
Product Options
Important Notes
Technical Specifications

6. IX-brick
Product Overview
External Components
PCI and PCI-X Card Configuration Guidelines
Technical Specifications

7. PX–brick
Product Overview
External Components
PCI and PCI–X Card Configuration Guidelines
Technical Specifications

8. R-brick
External Components
Technical Specifications

9. Power Bay
External Components
Distributed Power Supplies
Technical Specifications

10. SGI TP900 Storage Module
External Components
Technical Specifications
Product Options

11. D-brick2 Storage Module
D-brick2 Overview
D-brick2 External Components
Powering the D-brick2 On or Off
D-brick2 Technical and Environmental Specifications

12. Maintenance and Upgrade Procedures
Maintenance Precautions and Procedures
Adding or Replacing a PCI or PCI–X Card
Installing or Replacing a Disk Drive in the IX-brick
Replacing a TP900 Drive Carrier Module
Installing or Replacing a D-brick2 Drive Carrier Module

13. Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
Troubleshooting Chart
L1 Controller Error Messages
SGI Electronic Support

A. Technical Specifications and Pinouts
System-level Specifications
Physical Specifications
Environmental Specifications
Power Specifications
I/O Port Specifications

B. Safety Information and Regulatory Specifications
Safety Information
Regulatory Specifications