Chapter 4. Rack Information

This chapter describes the physical characteristics of the tall (40 U) racks in the following sections:


At the time this document was published only the tall (40U) rack shown in Figure 4-1 was approved for use with the Altix 3700 Bx2 systems.

Tall Rack (40U)

The tall rack (shown in Figure 4-1) has the following features and components:

  • Front and rear door. Both front and rear doors lock to prevent unauthorized access to the system. You lock the front door from the rear of the rack by depressing and turning the actuator handle (see “Locking the Front Door”). Once the front door is locked, you lock the rear door with a key.

  • Cable entry/exit area located in the rear floor of the rack. All cables are attached to the rear of the bricks. The rack is mounted on four casters; the two rear casters swivel. The base of the rack has leveling pads, a ground strap, and seismic tie-downs.

    The tall rack also has cable entry/exit areas at the top, bottom, and sides of the rack. I/O and power cables pass through the bottom of the rack. NUMAlink cables pass through the top and sides of the rack. Cable management occurs in the rear of the rack.

  • One, two, or three power bays, depending on your computing needs. Each power bay in a compute rack will typically have three to six power supplies. Each power bay in an I/O rack will typically have one to three power supplies.

  • One, two, or three power distribution units (PDUs) per rack, depending on the number of power bays. A PDU can be a single-phase power or three-phase power distribution unit.

    Figure 4-1. Tall (40U) Rack

    Tall (40U) Rack

Locking the Front Door

To lock the front door of the tall rack, follow these steps:

  1. Close the front door.

  2. In the rear of the rack, press in the door lock actuator and rotate the lever to point downward (see Figure 4-2).

    Figure 4-2. Locking the Front Door of the 40U Rack

    Locking the Front Door of the 40U Rack

Technical Specifications

Table 4-1 lists the technical specifications of the tall rack.

Table 4-1. Tall Rack Technical Specifications




74.25 in. (1885.95 mm)


30.875 in. (784.23 mm)


53 in. (1346.2 mm)

Weight (empty)

425 lb (192.78 kg)