SGI 1450 Server User's Guide

Document Number: 007-4274-001

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Table of Contents

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1. Chassis Description
Chassis Features
Power Subsystem
System Cooling
Chassis Front Controls and Indicators
Rear Panel I/O Ports and Features

2. Baseboard Description
Baseboard Features
Baseboard Connector and Component Locations
Add-in Board Slots
DesotoE2 Hot-Plug PCI Controller
IDE Interface
USB Interface
Network Interface Controller (NIC)
SCSI Controller
IDE Controller
Keyboard and Mouse
Server Management
Software Locks via the SSU or BIOS Setup

3. Configuring Software and Utilities
Hot Keys
Power-On Self Test (POST)
Using BIOS Setup
Changing the Boot Device Priority Temporarily
Changing the Boot Device Priority Permanently
Running the SCSISelect Utility
Using the System Setup Utility (SSU)
FRU and SDR Load Utility
Upgrading the BIOS
Using the Firmware Update Utility

4. Removing and Installing User Serviceable Components
SCSI Hard drives
Hot-Plug PCI Add-In Boards
Equipment Log

A. Regulatory Specifications
Manufacturer's Regulatory Declarations
Server Model Number
Class A Compliance
Electromagnetic Emissions
VCCI Notice Class A (Japan Only)
Chinese Class A Regulatory Notice
Industry Canada Notice (Canada Only)
CE Notice
Shielded Cables
Electrostatic Discharge

B. Physical Environment Specifications

C. Safety Precautions