SGI 1100 Server Maintenance and Upgrade Guide

Document Number: 007-4047-001

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Table of Contents

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1. Chassis Description
System Chipsets
System Block Diagram
Chassis Front Controls and Indicators
Rear Panel I/O Ports and Features
Internal Components
Hardware Management Support
Power Management
IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface)
Features Summary

2. Removing and Replacing System Components
Tools and Supplies Needed
ESD Precautions
Opening the Chassis
Replacing the Link Bar and the Riser Card
Installing an Expansion Board
Replacing the Chassis Fan Subsystem
Replacing the Rear Chassis Blowers
Replacing the Cable Modules
Replacing Removable-Media Devices
Replacing a Hard Drive
Replacing the Power Supply Module
Removing a Processor
Installing a Processor
Installing a Processor Terminator Board
Removing a DIMM
Installing a DIMM
Replacing the CMOS Battery
Replacing the System Board

3. Troubleshooting
Error Beep Definitions
Power-On Self-Test (POST) Checkpoints List
POST Error Messages
Error Message for NMI and Warning Message
IPMI Event Log
Index of Error Symptoms

A. Technical Specifications
Physical and Environmental Specification
Jumper and Connector Information
Hardware Specifications and Configurations

B. Updating the BIOS Firmware
BIOS Flashing

C. Port Pinouts
PS/2 Keyboard Port
PS/2 Mouse Port
VGA Port (DB15 HD)
Serial Ports
USB Ports
Ethernet Ports (RJ45)