Sirius Video Programming and Configuration Guide

Document Number: 007-2238-003

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Table of Contents

About This Guide
Structure of This Guide

1. Sirius Video Features and Capabilities
Major Components of Sirius Video
Video Formats and Video Handling
The V-LAN Interface

2. Programming Sirius Video
VL Basics for Sirius Video
Sirius Video Controls
Source Node Controls
Drain Node Controls
Using Filters
Sirius Video Events and Triggering
Passing Video Data Through the Graphics Subsystem

3. Sirius Video Blending and Keying
Using vcp to Set Chroma Key Generator Values
Using vcp to Set Blend Function Values
Using VL Chroma Key Generator Node Controls
Using VL Blend Node Controls

4. Controlling the General-Purpose Interface (GPI)
Using Sirius Video Utilities for the GPI
Using VL Controls for the GPI
GPI Pinouts

5. Controlling the V-LAN Interface
Sending V-LAN Commands
Using V-LAN Triggers
Using V-LAN Commands
Sample V-LAN Sequences With sir_vlan.c

6. Using Sirius Video Utility and Demonstration Programs
Displaying Video on the Workstation Monitor Using vidtogfx
Saving Video to Disk Using sir_vidtomem
Loading Video From Disk Using sir_memtovid
Displaying Saved Video Using movie
Displaying Live Video on a Low-Resolution Monitor
Manipulating Video using sirius_distort
Manipulating Video using shatter

A. Technical Specifications
CP Interface
VME Interface
Analog Input and Output Channel Specifications
Video Formats
Host Connector Specifications
Sirius Video Breakout Box Connectors
Sirius Video Connectors and Controls

B. Sirius Video Equipment Configurations
Sirius Video Input Configuration
Sirius Video Output Configuration

C. Setting Up Sirius Video for Your Video Hardware
Setting Up Digital Source Video
Setting Up Analog Source Video
Setting Up an External Sync Source
Setting Up the Output (Drain)
Adjusting Graphics Source or Drain Timing
Adjusting Texture Drain Timing
Saving Settings

D. Sirius Video Color-Space Conversions
Sirius Video Color Spaces
Mathematical Operations Performed During Conversions
Implications of Color Space Conversions
Example Color Conversions

E. Example Programs