Chapter 2. Touring the Chassis

This chapter discusses the controls and connectors of the Vault and
SCSIBox 2.

Vault Chassis Tour

Figure 2-1 shows the major components of the Vault.

SCSIBox 2 Chassis Tour

This section describes the front and rear components of the SCSIBox 2. Figure 2-2 and Figure 2-3 show the major components of the box.

Figure 2-1. Major Components of the Vault

Front View

These components are located on the front of the SCSIBox 2 (see
Figure 2-2):

Drive door 

opens and closes using two quarter-turn, wing-nut fasteners near the top corners of the box. Be careful not to overturn the fasteners or else they may break off.

Caution: The door must be in place during operation to comply with FCC regulations and for proper air flow.

On/Off switch 

controls power to all the drives.

Drive shelves 

house the SCSI drives and drive sleds. The shelves are removable to accommodate full-height drives.

Note: Each full-height drive occupies two half-height slots.

Figure 2-2. CHALLENGE Vault SCSIBox 2 (Front View)

Rear View

These major components are located on the back of the SCSIBox 2 (see Figure 2-3):

SCSI In (A/B) 

provides a 68-pin SCSI-2 differential connector.

Note: Each SCSI box provides two SCSI In connectors for disk striping and increased I/O throughput.

SCSI Out (A/B) 

provides connection for SCSI termination or a daisy-chain connection to another SCSI box.

Figure 2-3. CHALLENGE Vault SCSIBox 2 (Rear View)