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Figure 1. Information Sources for the SGI 2400 and 2800 Rackmount System
Figure 2. System Owner's Guide
Figure 3. IRIX Admin: Software Guideaa
Figure 4. IRIS InSight Icon
Figure 1-1. SGI 2400 Rackmount Server System
Figure 1-2. SGI 2400 Multirack System Configuration Example
Figure 1-3. SGI 2400 Multirack Configuration (Four Racks Shown)
Figure 1-4. SGI 2400 Rackmount Chassis (Side Panel Removed)
Figure 1-5. Rackmount Server Functional Block Diagram
Figure 1-6. A Look Inside the Module Chassis
Figure 1-7. Modules in an SGI 2400 or 2800 System
Figure 2-1. SGI 2400 and 2800 Rackmount System (Front View)
Figure 2-2. SGI 2400 and 2800 Rackmount Rear View
Figure 2-3. Board Configuration and Layout for System Module
Figure 2-4. MSC and Display
Figure 2-5. MMSC Display (for Entire Rack)
Figure 2-6. BaseIO Board
Figure 2-7. Node Board Positioning in the Chassis
Figure 2-8. Front View of Node Board Showing Bulkhead
Figure 2-9. System Router Boards
Figure 2-10. CrayLink Interconnect, Xpress Link, and Crosstown Cables
Figure 2-11. Optional PCI Carrier Assembly
Figure 3-1. Standard Ethernet on SGI 2400 and 2800 Rackmount
Figure 3-2. Serial Port Location and Pinouts
Figure 3-3. 68-Pin SCSI Connector
Figure 4-1. Basic Module Configurations
Figure 4-2. SGI 2400 Rackmount Configuration Examples
Figure 4-3. Single Server Module in a Rack with Four Vault Drive Boxes
Figure 4-4. 16P SGI 2400 Server
Figure 4-5. 16P SGI 2400 Rackmount Server with Xpress Links
Figure 4-6. 32P Configuration
Figure 4-7. 32P with Express Links
Figure 4-8. 64P Configuration
Figure 4-9. SGI 2800 128P Configuration
Figure 5-1. Connecting a Terminal
Figure 5-2. Installing an SCA Drive
Figure 5-3. SCSI Hardwire Addresses for the SGI 2400 and 2800 Server Module
Figure 5-4. Installing a CD-ROM Into an SGI 2400 or 2800 Chassis
Figure 5-5. Connecting an Ethernet to the System
Figure 5-6. Connecting the System Power Cable
Figure 5-7. Turning On the PDU
Figure 5-8. Powering On the System (Rear View of Chassis)
Figure 5-9. Entry-Level System Controller Key Positions
Figure 6-1. Customer-Replaceable Units (CRUs) for the SGI 2400 or 2800 Server
Figure 6-2. Turning Off the Module Controller
Figure 6-3. Powering Off a Rackmount Module
Figure 6-4. Powering Off the Multimodule Controller
Figure 6-5. Turning Off the PDU
Figure 6-6. Turning Off a Multirack Configuration
Figure 6-7. Opening the Drive Front Door on a Rackmount System
Figure 6-8. Opening the Cable Cover Door
Figure 6-9. Opening the Disk Drive Unit Module
Figure 6-10. Removing the Drive
Figure 6-11. Removing the Facade from a System Module
Figure 6-12. Removing the System Controller and CD-ROM
Figure 7-1. MMSC Functional Block Diagram
Figure 7-2. MMSC and Front Panel
Figure 7-3. MMSC Display
Figure 7-4. Action Menu Selection for MMSC Display
Figure 7-5. MMSC Cabling
Figure 7-6. MMSC to MMSC 10BaseT Ethernet Cabling (2 racks)
Figure 7-7. MMSC to 10BaseT-Hub 1BaseT Ethernet Cabling (2 racks)
Figure 7-8. Processor Assembly Location in Rack
Figure 7-9. MSC Status Panel, Serial Connector, and Switches
Figure 7-10. System Controller Rear Serial Connector