SGI 2400 and 2800 Server Owner's Guide

Document Number: 007-4192-001

Front Matter

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Table of Contents

About This Guide
Finding the Information You Need

1. Introducing the SGI 2400 and 2800 Server Systems
System Features
Hardware Overview
About the SGI 2400 and 2800

2. Chassis Tour
Major Components

3. Interface and Cabling Information
The Ethernet Interface Connection
Standard Serial Ports
Standard SCSI Connector

4. System Configurations
Basic System Configurations
Rackmount Configurations
Multirack Configurations

5. System Configuration and Operation
Connecting Your Terminal
SCSI Configuration Requirements
Loading the Single Connector Assembly (SCA) Drives Into the System
Loading the CD-ROM
Connecting Your System to an Ethernet Network
Initially Powering On the System
Booting Your System
Installing the Operating System
Powering Off the System
Resetting Your System

6. Removing and Replacing Customer-Replaceable Units
General Information
General Procedures
Specific Procedures

7. Using the System Controller
MSC Front Panel
Understanding the MSC LEDs and Switches
MSC Features and Functions
MSC Status Messages

8. System Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Maintaining Your Hardware and Software
System Problem Catagories
Physical Inspection Checklist
MSC Shutdown
Recovering from a System Crash

A. System Specifications