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Figure 1. Information Sources for the SGI 2100 System
Figure 2. VCCI Information
Figure 3. Regulatory Insignia
Figure 1-1. The SGI 2100 Server
Figure 1-2. Node Board Example
Figure 2-1. SGI 2100 System Components
Figure 2-2. Opening the Front of the SGI 2100 System
Figure 2-3. CD-ROM and Module System Controller
Figure 2-4. The System Disk and Optional Drive Bays
Figure 2-5. Component and Control Locations on the Back
Figure 2-6. Node Board LEDs
Figure 2-7. The SGI 2100 Midplane (Front View)
Figure 2-8. SGI 2100 Midplane (Rear View)
Figure 2-9. SGI 2100 Router and Node Board Configurations
Figure 2-10. Node and XIO Board Functional Configurations
Figure 2-11. XIO Board Slots
Figure 2-12. BaseIO Panel Connections and Indicators
Figure 3-1. Opening and Closing the Sliding Front Panel
Figure 3-2. Removing the Front Plastic Panel
Figure 3-3. Removing the Top Plastic Panel
Figure 3-4. SGI 2100 Internal Drive Bays
Figure 3-5. MSC Keyswitch and Front-Panel Controls
Figure 3-6. System Power Cable and Switch
Figure 4-1. Standard Ethernet on the SGI 2100
Figure 4-2. Serial Port Location and Pinouts
Figure 4-3. 68-Pin Single-Ended SCSI Connector
Figure 5-1. Installing or Removing the System Disk
Figure 5-2. Removing a Data Disk Drive Module
Figure 5-3. Installing or Replacing the MSC or CD-ROM Drive
Figure 5-4. External Origin Drive Expansion Box
Figure 6-1. MSC Interface Location
Figure 6-2. MSC Status Panel and Switches
Figure 6-3. MSC Front Diagnostic Port Pinouts
Figure 6-4. MSC Rear Diagnostic Serial Connector