Appendix A. Hardware Specifications

The physical, electrical, environmental, and power specifications for the Onyx deskside graphics workstation chassis are listed in Table A-1.

Onyx specifications for the standard 21-inch monitor are in Table A-2.

Table A-1. Onyx Deskside Graphics Workstation Specifications




26 inches (65 cm)


21 inches (54 cm)


29 inches (74 cm)


195 lbs (89 kg)—minimum


300 lbs (136 kg)—in shipping carton

Airflow Clearance

Variable; see Table 1-1

Noise Level

60 dB approximate

Electrical Rating

110 VAC or 220–240 VAC


47–63 Hz single phase at 110 VAC


47–63 Hz at 220–240 VAC


16 amps max. at 110 VAC


13 amps max. at 220–240 VAC

Power Consumption

1500 watts nominal at 110 VAC


1900 watts nominal at 220–240 VAC (RE2 ) 2400 watts nominal at 220–240 VAC (IR)

Heat Dissipation–110 VAC

6500 Btu/hr. max—system chassis

Heat Dissipation–220-240 VAC

8100 Btu/hr. max—system chassis

AC Receptacle Type

Nema 5-20P for 110 VAC or Nema 6-20P for 220–240 VAC; IEC 30916A/220V 2P/3W International

Operating Temperature

5o to 35oC at sea level

Nonoperating Temperature

-15o to +65oC at sea level

Operating Humidity

20 to 80% relative, noncondensing

Nonoperating Humidity

10 to 90% relative, noncondensing

Table A-2 provides specifications for the 21-inch monitor used with deskside Onyx graphics board sets.

Table A-2. Onyx 21-Inch Monitor Specifications



CRT Type

21 inches diagonal (20 vertical),
0.26 mm dot pitch, black matrix, short persistence phosphors with A/R coating

Brightness (Luminance)

>25 FL (85.6 nits) +0/-7 FL maximum (with anti-reflective (A/R) coating)

Brightness (color temperature) fixed selectable settings (center of CRT)

9300K+8 MPCD (100 +/- 15 cd per m2) 6500K+8 MPCD (85 +/- 15 cd per m2)

Video Input Signal

0.714 Vp-p, analog


Separate H, V, or composite H/V, TTL level or sync on green at 0.3 Vp-p


Up to 1600 x 1200 (1280 x 1024 standard)

Video Clock Frequency

200 MHz (maximum)

Video Input Impedance

75 ohms

Active Horizontal Display Area

395 mm

Active Vertical Display Area

295 mm

Note: Active display area is changed by the graphics board standard.



Less than 0.3 mm

AC Power Supply

100-120 VAC or 200-240 VAC


488 mm wide x 474 mm high x 534 mm deep (including tilt-and-swivel base)


33kg (72.6 lbs) [36 kg (79 lbs) Gross]

Environmental Conditions

5 to 35oC, operating

–20 to +60oC, nonoperating

Operating Humidity

10 to 80%, noncondensing

Nonoperating Humidity

10 to 90%, noncondensing