About This Guide

This guide describes how to set up and operate the Silicon Graphics® Origin Vault expansion option. This option has two formats: a standalone tower and an expansion enclosure that can be mounted in the Origin Rack or other Silicon Graphics rack.

Accommodating six single-ended Fast-20 (Ultra) SCSI 3.5-inch disk drives and one full-height or two half-height single-ended SCSI-2 5.25-inch drives, the Origin Vault expansion option provides additional I/O for the Origin200 (with a SCSI option PCI card), Origin2000, or Onyx2 system.

Both the tower and rackmountable enclosure formats are available with single-ended or differential 3.5-inch drive interfaces; in the differential version, two external connectors are provided so that the option can be daisy-chained to another Origin Vault option, or connected to a second host, such as for a dual-hosted configuration. The 5.25-inch disk drive bay is single-ended in either version.


This guide is written for owners and users of the Origin Vault expansion option. It presumes general knowledge of SCSI devices and of the host system with which the Origin Vault option is to work.

Structure of This Guide

This guide contains the following chapters and appendix:

An index completes this guide.

Note: Besides this guide, have available the owner's guide for the host system to which the Origin Vault is to be cabled and for any peripherals to be installed in the Origin Vault. It is recommended that you also have access to the Site Preparation for Origin Family, Onyx2, OCTANE, and O2 manual. For information on disks and filesystems under the IRIX operating system, consult the latest edition of IRIX Admin: Disks and Filesystems.

If you don't have these printed guides handy, the information is also online in the following locations:

  • IRIS InSight™ Library: from the Toolchest, choose Help > Online Books > SGI EndUser or SGI Admin, and select the applicable guide.

  • Technical Publications Library: if you have access to the Internet, enter the following URL in your Web browser location window: