About This Guide

This guide describes how to install hardware options in Origin200 and Origin200 GIGAchannel servers, troubleshoot problems, and maintain the servers. It contains these chapters:

An index completes this guide.


This guide is written for customers who are performing their own maintenance and installing options inside the Origin200 and Origin200 GIGAchannel servers.

Additional Documentation

This maintenance guide is designed to be used along with the Origin200 and Origin200 GIGAchannel Owner's Guide. The owner's guide, which is provided with each Origin200 and Origin200 GIGAchannel server, contains information on setting up and operating the server and provides pointers to software and system administration manuals and reference material.

You can view this manual and the owner's guide, as well as software and system administration manuals online at the Technical Publications library. See http://techpubs.sgi.com/.


This Origin200 and Origin200 GIGAchannel Maintenance Guide uses these conventions:

  • References to document titles are in italics.

  • IRIX commands and names of files appear in text as italics.

  • References to other chapters and sections within this guide are in quotation marks.

  • Names of IRIX reference (manual) pages are in the default font and are followed by the section number of the reference page. For example “who(1)” refers to the who command, which is found in section 1 of the IRIX reference.

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