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This guide presents the information system support engineers ( SSEs), site personnel, and other interested parties need to know in order to prepare a customer site for the arrival of a Silicon Graphics O2 or Octane workstation, an SGI Origin200 server, Origin Vault expansion unit, Origin2000 server, or SGI 2000-series server, or a Silicon Graphics Onyx2 system.

In this guide, the term “ SGI 2000-series” is used to refer to SGI Origin2000, SGI 2100, SGI 2200, SGI 2400, and SGI 2800 server systems.

Guide Organization

This guide contains the following sections:

The SGI Product Line

This book addresses SGI 2000-series, Origin Peripheral, and Onyx2 rack systems, SGI 2000-series and Onyx2 deskside systems, Origin200 and Origin Vault tower systems, Octane workstations, and O2 workstations, each in its own chapter. The beginning of each of these chapters contains information common to all chassis within that family. The subsequent subsections provide information for each variant of that chassis.

Use the information in the chassis-specific chapters in conjunction with that in Chapter 2, “Site Preparation Concepts” and in the appendices.

This document covers the following SGI chassis families:

  • SGI 2000-series and Onyx2 rack chassis—These systems use the SGI 2000-series base modules and the Onyx2 graphics insert modules, both described below. Available in configurations containing from one rack to eight or more racks, these are highly powerful, highly expandable systems.

  • SGI 2000-series and Onyx2 base module—Sometimes called the deskside chassis, this is the “little sibling” to the rack systems. While using the same powerful subsystems as the rack chassis, the deskside chassis is smaller, lighter, easier to transport, and lower in cost.

  • Onyx2 graphics insert module—A rack-mounted expansion chassis designed to hold graphics boards and to be connected to an SGI 2000-series base module.

  • Origin200—A server system optimized for small- to medium-sized enterprise file-serving, compute-serving, and Web-serving tasks. The Origin200 chassis is also used for the Origin Vault, a storage expansion unit.

  • Octane—A powerful, graphics-intensive workstation, the Octane is designed for the most complex graphics tasks.

  • O2—An affordable, high-performance workstation, suitable for many of today's demanding tasks.

Additional Documentation

Additional documentation, which may be helpful during and after the installation process, is available from the SGI Technical Publications Library:


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