Silicon Graphics® Onyx2 Deskside Workstation Owner's Guide

Document Number: 007-3454-005

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Table of Contents

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Finding Additional Information
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1. Introducing the Onyx2 Deskside Workstation
Onyx2 System Features
Onyx2 Deskside Functional Overview
Module System Controller
System Location and Environment

2. Chassis Tour
Deskside System Physical Description
System Midplane
Components and Controls on the Front of the System
Components and Controls on the Rear of the System
XIO Board Slots
Graphics Boards and Connectors

3. Getting Started
System Operation Guidelines
Sliding Open the Front Door Panel
Removing the System's Plastic Covers
System Drives
Connecting to an Ethernet Connector
Module System Controller
Powering On the Onyx2 Deskside System
Powering Off the Onyx2 Deskside System

4. Onyx2 Deskside I/O Interfaces and Cabling
Graphics Interface Panels
DG5 Board Operation
Connectors on the DG5 Board
Connectors on the Optional GVO Daughterboard
Cabling Options for the DG5 Board
Graphics BaseIO Interface Panel
10/100 Base-T Ethernet Port
Parallel Port Connector
Mouse and Keyboard Ports
Analog Stereo In and Out (RCA-Type) Ports
Serial Connectors
Optical Digital Audio Interface Connectors
Loopthrough and Digital Audio Connectors
Standard SCSI Connector
Speaker and Microphone Connections
Optional Interfaces

5. Installing and Replacing Customer-Replaceable Units
Installing or Removing the System Disk and Optional Hard Drives
Removing or Inserting a Data Disk
Replacing the Module System Controller or CD-ROM Drive
Installing External Drives

6. Using the Module System Controller
Understanding the Module System Controller's LEDs and Switches
Module System Controller Features and Functions
Module System Controller Status Messages

7. Basic Troubleshooting
General Guidelines for System Care
Operating Guidelines
Power Supply Problems
Crash Recovery
Module System Controller Shutdown

A. Video Format Combiner Tutorial
Reinitializing Graphics
Modifying Video Formats
Saving Video Format Combinations to the GE Board's EEPROM
Resizing a Single-Channel Combination
Using ircombine with GVO
Redisplaying Graphics
Combiner Interface Summary