About This Guide

The Origin Vault power switch upgrade provides hard power switch capability. The switch in this upgrade retains an on or an off setting (push on, push off); the original switch did not automatically return power to the system once power was returned from a power outage.

This guide contains instructions for preparing the Origin Vault rackmounted enclosure or standalone tower for the component replacement, installing the replacement power button plate for the side-hinged door of an Origin Vault expansion option mounted in an Origin2000 Rack or P-S-RACK, and exchanging the controller board assembly. It also explains the functional differences between the original Origin Vault power switch and the replacement power switch.


This guide is written for owners and users of the Origin Vault expansion option.

Structure of This Guide

This guide contains the following chapters:

Other Documentation

If you do not have your Origin Vault Owner's Guide (007-3455-002 or later) handy, you can get it and other Silicon Graphics documentation online in the following locations:

  • IRIS InSight Library: from the Toolchest, choose Help > Online Books > SGI EndUser or SGI Admin, and select the applicable owner's or hardware guide.

    Once you are in the library, choose Catalogs > Hardware Catalog > and look under Owner's Guides for the applicable owner's guide.

  • Technical Publications Library: If you have access to the Internet, enter the following URL in your Web browser location window: