Chapter 1. Upgrade Kit Contents

Besides these instructions, the upgrade kit for the Origin Vault power switch contains:

Figure 1-1 shows these components.

Figure 1-1. Upgrade Kit Contents

The replacement controller board is identical to the original Origin Vault controller board except for a redesigned power switch. This switch retains an on or an off setting (push on, push off) for automatic reboot when power is restored to the system after a power failure. The controller board also has a longer front panel to accommodate a bale for board removal.

The power button plate in the kit accommodates the power switch on the controller board and the controller board's longer front panel. It replaces the power button plate on the side-hinged door for the Origin Vault option mounted in an Origin2000 Rack or P-S-RACK.

Note: If the Origin Vault expansion option is mounted in a third-party 19-inch rack, the faceplate is different and has a bottom-hinged door; there is no change to that assembly for the new power switch functionality. Likewise, there is no change to the door assembly for an Origin Vault standalone tower.