SGI® InfiniteStorage NAS Manager User's Guide

Document Number: 007 -4699-003

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1. Overview
System Management and Monitoring with NAS Manager
NAS Manager Interface

2. Initial System Setup
Accessing the Setup Wizard
Using the Setup Wizard to Configure the System
Customizing Your Installation

3. Server Configuration and Management
Network Interface Configuration
Storage Configuration
DMF Configuration
User and Group Configuration
Filesystem Services
Global Configuration
Saving and Restoring the Configuration

4. Performance Monitoring
Metrics Collected
System Summary
System Alerts

A. How NAS Manager Configures Filesystems
Filesystem Creation Goals
Disk Striping
Filesystem Configuration Factors
Disk Allocation
Hot Spare Assignment

B. Reinstalling NAS Manager from CD
Reinstalling the Entire System
Reinstalling NAS Manager
Accessing the Reinstalled NAS Manager