Appendix B. Reinstalling NAS Manager from CD

SGI InfiniteStorage NAS Manager is preinstalled on your system. If you wish to reinstall NAS Manager, you can do so by logging into the system as root via the ssh(1) command and using the YaST software management tool.

Reinstalling the Entire System

If you are reinstalling your entire system from scratch, you must first install SUSE SLES 10 and SGI ProPack 5. Following is a general overview of the required steps:

  1. Insert the SLES 10 DVD.

  2. Boot the system.

  3. Start the installation.

  4. Using a VNC client or compatible web browser, connect to YaST remotely.

  5. Follow the steps in the YaST installer to complete the installation of SLES 10 and ProPack 5.

For a detailed description of this process, see the SGI ProPack 5 for Linux Start Here.

Reinstalling NAS Manager

Note: NAS Manager requires SUSE SLES 10 and SGI ProPack 5. Prerequisites, such as Apache and PHP, are listed as explicit dependencies in the RPMs. You can obtain and install these prerequisites from the SLES 10 and ProPack 5 installation CDs. YaST will automatically select these prerequisites for you and ask for the installation media if required.

To install NAS Manager, do the following:

  1. Insert the SGI InfiniteStorage NAS Manager CD.

  2. Log in to the system as root using ssh.

  3. Start the YaST software management tool:

    [[email protected] root]# /sbin/yast2

  4. Add the SGI InfiniteStorage NAS Manager CD to the list of source media:

    1. Select the Software group in the left pane of the YaST screen.

    2. Click Installation Source in the right pane, which opens another window.

    3. Click Add and select CD. YaST will then add the CD to the list of installation sources.

    4. Click Finish to apply the changes and close the window.

  5. Install the NAS Manager software:

    1. In the main YaST window, click Software Management , which opens another window.

    2. At the top left of the new window, change the Filter from Search to Patterns , which displays a list of available software patterns.

    3. Select the SGI InfiniteStorage patterns at the bottom of the list (you may need to scroll the list).

    4. Click Accept to install the software.

    5. Close YaST.

  6. Reboot the system:

    [[email protected] root]# /sbin/reboot

    Allow approximately 5 minutes for the system to restart.

Accessing the Reinstalled NAS Manager

After installation and restarting the system, you can access NAS Manager by opening a browser and going to the URI:


Replace YOUR_SERVER with the fully qualified domain name of the server that has NAS Manager installed. This invokes the NAS Manager Setup Wizard for initial system configuration. See Chapter 2, “Initial System Setup”.