Appendix A. Software Messages and Error Recovery

This appendix lists the messages produced by the ISA Sync board and suggests user responses. The messages are organized into sections according to message type:

ISA Sync Board Utility Error Messages

Following are error messages produced by the ISA Sync board software utilities.

xcf Error Messages

ABORT: illegal adapter number <boardnum>.
ABORT: illegal channel ID <channel>
WARNING: input file foo not found - using defaults
WARNING: Bits foo and bar both set - ignored
WARNING: invalid keyword = FOO
FOO: value out of range, must be between [x, y].

Generally, out-of-range values and illegal combinations cause the utility to set the parameter to the default value and a warning message to be printed to stderr.

vcom_stat Status Messages

Original kernel initialization
Board is downloaded and configured

ISA Sync Board Driver Messages

This section lists the error messages that are produced by the ISA Sync board software drivers. In these messages, “%d” is a decimal number and “%x” or “0x%x” is a hexadecimal number.

Following are messages that may be corrected by re-executing the startup procedure. If that does not clear the error condition, report the message to Silicon Graphics Customer Support.

VSC #%d, unconfigured but downloaded board
VSC: board #%d is not on line
VSC: attempt to open board #%d before downloading
VSC: do not use the cloneopen mechanism

Following are status messages that require no action.

PNB_ALLOC ( free=0x%x, amount=%d)
PNB_ALLOCB ( free=0x%x, bufsize=%d, pri=0x%x)
PNB_BCREL (free=0x%x)
PNB_BUFCALL ( free=0x%x bufsize=%d pri=0x%x func=0x%x arg=0x%x)
PNB_FREE ( free=0x%x mp=0x%x)
PNB_FREEB ( free=0x%x mp=0x%x)
PNB_FREEMSG ( free=0x%x, mp=0x%x)
PNB_INIT: vc_bcarray at 0x%x, bcfree at 0x%x
vc_open: q 0x%x devp 0x%x dev 0x%x flags 0x%x sflags 0x%x
vc: open emajor=%d, imajor=%d
vc: opened proto=DLD_PROTO, brd=%d.
vc: successful open, proto=%s_PROTO, brd=%d, sm=%d, *devp=0x%x.
vc: closed proto=DLD_PROTO, brd=%d.
vc: closed: brdno=%d, sm=%d, q=0x%x
vc: re-opened stream, %s_PROTO, brd=%d, sm=%d
vc: clone device=0x%x opening, q=0x%x:
vc_sendclose: allocate failed
vc_putdown: mbcopytosrv failed on 0x%x bytes
vc_promsg: M_ERROR rptr 0x%x
vc_close: q 0x%x flags 0x%x

Following are messages that should be reported to Silicon Graphics Customer Support.

VSC #%d aborted, illegal board size = 0x%x
VSC #%d missing, mbx failure
VSC #%d missing, MGO failure
VSC #%d missing, mem window failure
VSC #%d aborted, not processing slave SHM queues
VSC #%d aborted, not processing host SHM queues
VCOM ABORT - kernel unable to allocate any message buffers
M_IOCTL: cmd 0x%x bp 0x%x mlen %d
vc_do_sysmap( brdno=%d ) failed,
setup_shmqs( brdno=%d ) failed,
chk_presence( brdno=%d ) failed,
get_vector() = 0 failed,
vme_ivec_set(vec=0x%x)=-1 failed,
vme_ivec_alloc()=-1 failed, brdno=%d,
pio_mapalloc() = 0 failed,
pio_badaddr() != 0 failed,
pio_mapalloc() = 0 failed,
pio_badaddr() != 0 failed,
setup_shmqs( brd=%d ) = 0x%x failing ***
map_short_pio( brd=%d ) = 0x%x failing ***
map_ram_pio( brd=%d ) = 0x%x failing ***
get_vector( brd=%d ) = 0x%x failing ***
board %d power-up tests timed out. ***
aborted, failed power-up tests, sts=0x%x ***
do_sysmap( brdno=%d ) = 0x%x failing ***
#%d aborted, not responding to sysmap ***
vc_edtinit( brdno=%d ) failing, retval = %d ***