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Table 1-1. GSN Compared to Other Communication Technologies
Table 1-2. GSN Bandwidth Calculations
Table 1-3. Data Restrictions for Each GSN Virtual Channel
Table 1-4. GSN Micropacket Control Bits
Table 1-5. Types of GSN Micropackets
Table 1-6. GSN Admin Micropacket Commands
Table 1-7. ST Operations
Table 1-8. Data Movement Sequences
Table 1-9. Data Sizes Possible for Data Movements
Table 1-10. ST Flow Control Sequence
Table 1-11. ST vs IP
Table 2-1. IP Network Interface Operational Parameters
Table 2-2. Summary of Configurable Items for IRIX GSN
Table 3-1. Utilities for Monitoring and Maintaining IRIX GSN
Table 3-2. Common Procedures for Monitoring and Maintaining IRIX GSN
Table 3-3. Status Information for GSN Physical Link
Table 3-4. GSN Status Information for Copper-Based XIO Hardware
Table 3-5. SHAC ASIC Status: Basic Listing
Table 3-6. SHAC ASIC Status: Verbose Listing
Table 3-7. HIPPI–6400–PH Element (Hop) Status
Table 3-8. Meaning of “VC hex_value” in Status Screen Displays
Table 3-9. Local Element's HIPPI–6400 ADMIN Traffic Status