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Figure 1. Sources of Additional Information
Figure 1-1. IRIX GSN Modules Within OSI-style Network Protocol Stack
Figure 1-2. GSN Micropackets from Virtual Channels Interleaved in Datastream
Figure 1-3. GSN Micropacket Control Bits
Figure 1-4. GSN Admin Micropacket
Figure 1-5. GSN Flow Control
Figure 1-6. GSN Message Composed of Header and Data Micropackets
Figure 1-7. Dual-port HIPPI–6400-PH Elements
Figure 1-8. Hop Count >0 Indicates Forward Admin Micropacket
Figure 1-9. Hop Count =0 Indicates Process Admin Micropacket
Figure 1-10. Hop Count Example: hop_count = 0
Figure 1-11. Hop Count Example: hop_count = 1
Figure 1-12. Hop Count Example: hop_count = 2
Figure 1-13. ST Operation
Figure 1-14. ST Header
Figure 1-15. ST Connection Setup Sequence: Identification Parameters Only
Figure 1-16. ST Connection Setup Sequence: VC Parameters Only
Figure 1-17. ST Connection Setup Sequence: Rejection
Figure 1-18. ST Connection Teardown Sequence
Figure 1-19. Data Handling for ST Data Movements
Figure 1-20. ST Data Movement Sequence: Persistent Memory—Put
Figure 1-21. ST Data Movement Sequence: Persistent Memory—Get
Figure 1-22. ST Data Movement Sequence: Persistent Memory—FetchOp
Figure 1-23. Example of FetchOp
Figure 1-24. ST Data Movement Sequence: Single-use Memory with Initiator as Source
Figure 1-25. ST Data Movement Sequence: Single-use Memory with Initiator as Destination
Figure 1-26. Status Sequence Using Request_State
Figure 1-27. Status Sequence Using S Flag in ST Header
Figure 1-28. Termination Sequence
Figure 1-29. Example of ST Virtual Connections Using Multiple GSN Virtual Channels
Figure 1-30. Subnet Mask for Examples
Figure 1-31. Single-switch GSN Fabric with LISs
Figure 1-32. Multiple-switch GSN Fabric with LISs
Figure 1-33. LIS Membership That Spans Fabrics
Figure 1-34. HARP Registration
Figure 2-1. Decision Tree for HARP Configuration Procedures
Figure 3-1. Physical Position of GSN Elements for Different Connection Scenarios
Figure 3-2. Installing a HIPPI-6400 Loopback Connector
Figure 3-3. The /usr/etc/netstat -ina Display
Figure 4-1. Error Message Format in /var/adm/SYSLOG File