IRIX® GSN™ Administrator's Guide

Document Number: 007-3719-003

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1. Overview of IRIX GSN
SGI GSN Products
Overview of Protocols
What is GSN?
What is ST?
Example of ST Virtual Connections and GSN Channels
GSN Fabrics and Logical Networks
Address Resolution for GSN
Assignment of Unit Numbers and Network Interfaces to GSN Hardware
Comparison of ST to IP

2. Installing and Configuring IRIX GSN
Complete GSN Installation Process
Individual Configuration Tasks
Building a New Driver Into the Operating System
List of All Configurable Parameters for IRIX GSN

3. Maintaining, Monitoring, Verifying, and Troubleshooting IRIX GSN
Commands Available for IRIX GSN
Instructions for Common Procedures
Installing a Loopback Device
Verifying the IRIX GSN Subsystem

4. IRIX GSN Error Messages
Overview of the Error Message Listing
Error Messages from the harpd Command
Error Messages from the HARP Driver
Error Messages from the gsncntl Command
Error Messages from the gsntest Command
Error Messages from the GSN Driver