acknowledge (Ack) packet

The Ack packet informs the PE that initiated a message that the destination PE accepted the message.


The process by which two computers (or a computer and a switch) connected by gigabit Ethernet determine the speed and other parameters with which they will communicate.


A flat metallic disk that contains information that you can view and copy onto your own hard disk; you cannot change or add to the disk. CD-ROM is short for compact disc read-only memory.


A communication network used to connect computers.


A communication rate of 2^30 bits per second.


Any system connected to the network.


The name that uniquely identifies each host (system) on the network.

IP address

A number that uniquely identifies each host (system) on a TCP/IP network.


The SGI version of the UNIX operating system.


Light-emitting diode, a light on a piece of hardware that indicates status or error conditions.


Medium Access Control; also called the physical layer.

MAC address

The physical address of the gigabit Ethernet board, which is distinct from the IP address.

man (manual) page

An online document that describes how to use a particular IRIX command. Also called reference page.


Network Information Service, a distributed database mechanism for user accounts, host names, mail aliases, and so on.


Peripheral Component Interconnect, a bus specification. The PCI bus is a high-performance local bus used to connect peripherals to memory and a microprocessor. A wide range of vendors make devices that plug into the PCI bus.

reference page

See man (manual) page.


A standard networking protocol that is included in the IRIX software.