About This Guide

The Silicon Graphics Fibre Channel Hub is an intelligent digital hub for fibre channel arbitrated loop (FC-AL) storage clusters, including Storage Area Networks (SANs) and IRIS FailSafe 2.0. The hub provides gigabit-speed storage connectivity, network management, data reliability, and module network scalability for configurations using Silicon Graphics Origin FibreVault and Fibre Channel RAID storage systems. The Fibre Channel Hub can be used with fibre channel XIO or PCI option boards in Origin2000, Origin200, Onyx2, and OCTANE servers and workstations running IRIX 6.4 or later.

Fiber optic cabling is optional with the Fibre Channel Hub. Observe the following warnings for fiber optic cabling.

Warning: Never look into the end of a fiber optic cable to confirm that light is being emitted (or for any other reason). Most fiber optic laser wavelengths (1300 nm and 1550 nm) are invisible to the eye and cause permanent eye damage. Shorter wavelength lasers (for example, 780 nm) are visible and can cause significant eye damage. Use only an optical power meter to verify light output.

Warning: Never look into the end of a fiber optic cable on a powered device with any type of magnifying device, such as a microscope, eye loupe, or magnifying glass. Such activity causes cause a permanent, irreversible burn on the retina of the eye.


This guide is written for owners and users of a Fibre Channel Hub. It presumes general knowledge of FC-AL technology and familiarity with the fibre channel storage and the servers and workstations being used.

Structure of This Document

This guide consists of the following chapters and appendixes:

An index completes this guide.

Other Documentation

Besides this manual, have handy the latest versions of the owner's guides for the Silicon Graphics servers, workstations, fibre channel interface boards, and fibre channel storage in your configuration. If you do not have these guides handy, the information is also online in the following locations:

  • IRIS InSight Library: from the Toolchest, choose Help > Online Books > SGI EndUser or SGI Admin, and select the applicable owner's or hardware guide.

  • Technical Publications Library: if you have access to the Internet, enter the following URL in your Web browser location window:

    Once you are in the library, choose Catalogs > Hardware Catalog > and look under the Owner's Guides for the applicable owner's guide.


In command syntax descriptions and examples, square brackets ( [ ] ) or angle brackets ( < > ) surrounding an argument indicate an optional argument. Variable parameters are in italics. Replace these variables with the appropriate string or value.

Document titles, commands, IRIX filenames, variables in command lines, and names of buttons in the graphical user interface are in italics.

Messages and prompts that appear onscreen are shown in fixed-width type. Entries that are to be typed exactly as shown are in boldface fixed-width type.

Command-line flags and switches are in boldface regular type; for example, enable and disable.

Product Support

Silicon Graphics, Inc., provides a comprehensive product support and maintenance program for its products. If you are in North America, and would like support for your Silicon Graphics-supported products, contact the Technical Assistance Center at 1-800-800-4SGI or your authorized service provider. If you are outside North America, contact the Silicon Graphics subsidiary or authorized distributor in your country.

In the unlikely event that your Fibre Channel Hub needs service, you need the revision number that is on the product ID label on the bottom of the case. This number has the form FC HUB-Revletter; for example, FC-HUB-RevA.

Record the number here for convenience: Product revision number: FC-HUB-Rev__