Fibre Channel Hub Owner's Guide

Document Number: 007-3722-001

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1. Features of the Fibre Channel Hub
Fibre Channel Hub Kit
Fibre Channel Hub Physical Features
Fibre Channel Hub Rackmounting Requirements
Compatibilities, Fibre Channel Cables, and Adapters
Fault and Error Management
Loop Management Software

2. Loop Configuration With the Fibre Channel Hub
Fibre Channel Hub Configurations and Applications
Planning Loop Configuration
Determining Hub Management
Selecting a Spot for the Hub

3. Fibre Channel Hub Setup and Cabling
Preparing and Setting Up the Hub
Cabling the Management Port
Cabling Servers, Workstations, and Storage to the Fibre Channel Hub
Connecting the Hub Power Cord and Powering On the Loop

4. Setting Up Local or Remote Hub Management
Setting Up Local Communication With the Hub
Setting Up Remote Communication for Hub Management
Obtaining Privileged Status
Changing TCP/IP Settings
Setting BootP, DHCP, and RARP Parameters
Enabling and Disabling Connections
Segmenting and Unsegmenting the Hub
Setting Passwords
Terminating the Connection

5. Fibre Channel Hub Operation and Management
Viewing Statistics
Bypassing Ports
Changing Interval and Threshold Settings
Renaming the Hub Manager

A. Technical Specifications
System Specifications
Interface Connector Pinouts
Factory Defaults

B. Command-Line Interface Summary

C. Setup Checklist