Appendix C. Setup Checklist

This appendix consists of a checklist for setting up the Fibre Channel Hub for desktop use.

Table C-1. Hub Setup Checklist



Explained In


Set up communication with desired management method (Internet browser or Telnet).

“Setting Up Remote Communication for Hub Management”


Set other hub and communications parameters as required.

Chapter 4


Configure ports.

Chapter 5


Check contents of shipment.

“Fibre Channel Hub Kit”


Determine how the hub is to be managed; determine nodes to be cabled to the hub; determine a location for the hub.

Chapter 2


Find MAC address on rear of hub:
Ethernet (MAC) address: ___-___-___-___-___-___

“Determining Hub Management”


From system administrator, obtain IP address, gateway, and subnet.
IP address:_________________________

“Determining Hub Management”


Set up the Fibre Channel Hub and cable it.

Chapter 3


Use console to set IP address.

“Setting Up Local Communication With the Hub”


If necessary, change TCP/IP parameters.

“Changing TCP/IP Settings: Command-Line Interface”