About This Guide

The Onyx2 digital video multiplexer (DPLEX) hardware described in this document requires both hardware (primarily boards and cables) and software to be complete.

This guide presents the information necessary to an end user that wants to understand the hardware in an Onyx2 system with DPLEX graphics. Each chapter in the book addresses a particular area, with further refinement at the section level. References are made to external documents when needed.

Structure of This Document

This guide contains the following chapters:

Purpose of This Guide

This manual is intended to assist Onyx2 DPLEX option users to

  • use the DPLEX hardware options properly

  • understand the correct levels of software required to support the DPLEX options

  • reconfigure the DPLEX system cabling for different levels of functionality

  • run an audit of the system to check the DPLEX option graphics

For More Information on Using Onyx2 Systems

The following documents provide additional information about Onyx2 systems. These documents can be found in the Silicon Graphics Technical Publications Library, at http://techpubs.sgi.com/library/

  • InfiniteReality Video Format Combiner User's Guide, part number 007-3279-xxx

  • Origin and Onyx2 Theory of Operations Manual, part number 007-3439-xxx

  • Onyx2 Deskside Workstation Owner's Guide, part number 007-3454-xxx

  • Onyx2 Rackmount Owner's Guide, part number 007-3457-xxx