Onyx2 DPLEX Option  Hardware User's Guide

Document Number: 007-3849-001

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Purpose of This Guide
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1. Introduction to the Onyx2 DPLEX Option
Product Description
Restrictions and Important Notes
Product Support

2. Onyx2 DPLEX Cabling Configurations
LVDS Cable Requirements
Genlock Cabling Guidelines
Requirements for Genlocking More than Four Pipes
Swap Ready Cabling Guidelines
Cabling a Two-Pipe DPLEX Cascade
Cabling a Three-Pipe DPLEX Cascade
Cabling a Four-Pipe DPLEX Cascade
Cabling a Six-Pipe DPLEX Cascade
Cabling an Eight-Pipe DPLEX Cascade
Cabling Multiple DPLEX Cascades in an Onyx2 System

3. DPLEX Software Configuration and Troubleshooting
Using the Video Format Combiner GUI to Enable DPLEX Channels
Deleting One Pipe from a DPLEX Cascade
Adding One Pipe to a DPLEX Cascade
Checking DPLEX Physical Connectivity (Cabling)
Using irsaudit for Limited Checks
Checking General Status on DPLEX Pipes
DPLEX Operation and API Information

4. Onyx2 DPLEX Theory of Operation
General Functions
Digital and Video Functions
Connectivity Functions