About This Guide

This guide is designed to help you install, manage, and troubleshoot your internal-mount and desktop DLT™ drives. Two product variations of the tape drive are documented in this guide:

The primary functional differences between these drives are tape cartridge compatibility, storage capacity and data transfer rates. These drive products have been specifically configured and tested to work with the following Silicon Graphics® host systems:

Note: Please consult your Silicon Graphics sales or service representative before using these DLT drives with any other host systems.

With DLT7000 drives, you must have IRIX™ 6.4 or later installed on the host system or the drive is not recognized. DLT2000XT drives are supported with IRIX release 6.2 or later.Connecting the DLT tape drive to a deskside or rackmount system may require some setup by a qualified service provider. Any XIO SCSI board must be connected and configured by a trained field installer during or after installation of the host system.

Otherwise, the internal-mount and desktop DLT drives and all the procedures in this guide are designed so that customers can install, use, and maintain them without the help of a trained technician. However, do not feel that you must work with the hardware yourself. You can always contact your maintenance provider to have an authorized service person work with the hardware instead.

Structure of This Guide

This document is organized as follows:

Portions of information in this manual are derived directly from the Quantum® DLT7000 Tape Drive Product Manual (P/N 81-111331-01).

Audience for This Guide

The primary audience for this guide is presumed to be end users or administrators who have some basic computer hardware and software knowledge. The document may also provide helpful information to field support personnel and OEM partners.

Additional software-specific information is available in the following software guides:

  • IRIX Admin: Peripheral Devices

  • Personal System Administration Guide

  • IRIS Essentials

  • automated backup software instructions: IRIX NetWorker Installation Guide, IRIX NetWorker Administrator's Guide, and NetWorker for IRIX User's Guide

Useful information regarding the host systems that connect to your DLT tape drive can be found in the owner's guides for the specific host system. Note that system-level owner's guides are shipped with the host system and not with the tape drive.

Typographical Conventions

This guide uses these conventions:

  • Entries that you are to type exactly as shown are in boldface typewriter font.

  • IRIX filenames are in italics.

  • Document names are in italics.

  • Labels on the tape drives are in Helvetica Bold.