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Figure 1-1. DLT7000 Drive
Figure 1-2. DLT2000XT Tape Drive
Figure 2-1. Internal-Mount DLT 2000XT Drive Kit Parts
Figure 2-2. Internal-Mount DLT7000 Drive Kit Parts
Figure 2-3. Removing the Screws from a Peripheral Carrier
Figure 2-4. SCSI ID Selection Connectors
Figure 2-5. Sled-Mounted Drive SCSI ID Connector Pins
Figure 2-6. Setting the SCSI ID on the Internal-Mount DLT Drive
Figure 2-7. Removing an Existing Peripheral Carrier
Figure 2-8. Removing a Peripheral Carrier Blanking Plate
Figure 2-9. Installing the Peripheral Carrier and DLT Drive
Figure 2-10. Securing the Carrier and DLT Assembly
Figure 3-1. Origin Vault Rackmounted Enclosure Rear View
Figure 3-2. Connecting the Rackmount Power Cable
Figure 3-3. Connecting the Rackmount SCSI Cable to an Origin2000 Host
Figure 3-4. Connecting Rackmount Origin Vault to an Origin200 Host
Figure 3-5. Origin Vault Standalone Tower Rear View
Figure 3-6. Origin Vault and Origin2000 Host
Figure 3-7. DLT 2000XT and 7000 Front Panels
Figure 3-8. Main Power Switch on the Origin Vault
Figure 4-1. Desktop DLT Drive Parts
Figure 4-2. Optional Ultra SCSI Cable Connections
Figure 4-3. Single-Ended (2000XT) SCSI Connection on a Deskside Host System
Figure 4-4. Terminating the DLT Desktop Tape Drive
Figure 4-5. Attaching the Power Cord to the Desktop DLT Drive Chassis
Figure 4-6. Desktop DLT2000XT Power Switch
Figure 4-7. DLT2000XT Desktop Front Panel
Figure 5-1. Tape Cartridge Write-Protect Switch
Figure 5-2. DLT2000XT and 7000 Front Panels
Figure 5-3. Loading a Tape Cartridge in the DLT Drive
Figure 5-4. Cleaning Cartridge
Figure A-1. 68-Pin Connector