CHALLENGE S Server Owner's Guide

Document Number: 007-2314-005

Front Matter

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Finding the Information You Need
About the CD Software Media
Where to Go From Here

2. Chassis Tour and Theory of Operation
Front-Panel Controls
Locations and Functions of Back-Panel Connectors
Power Supply
Internal Drive Options
System Boards
System Buses and I/O Channels
System Physical Specifications

3. Getting Started
Putting the Pieces Together
Connecting Network Cables
About the Controls on the Front Panel
Starting the Server for the First Time
Turning Off the Challenge S Server
Removing the Top Cover
Replacing the Top Cover
Locking the Top Cover
Using Another Workstation as the System Console

4. Installing Memory
Installing SIMMs
Checking the New Memory

5. Installing GIO Option Boards
GIO Slot Dependencies
Installing a GIO Option Board
Checking the GIO Option Board Installation

6. Installing Internal and External Peripherals
Installing an Internal Floptical Drive or Second Hard Disk
Installing External SCSI Devices
Installing the System Console and Other Serial Devices

7. Installing and Removing Software
Available Software Installation Tools
Installing a New Version of the Operating System Software
Installing Optional Software
Troubleshooting Software Installation
Removing Optional Software

8. Troubleshooting
Diagnosing Hardware Problems
Common Problems
Power-On Tests
Interactive Diagnostic Environment (IDE) Tests
Recovering From a System Crash
Disabling the System Maintenance Password
Service and Support Information

9. Ordering, Removing, and Installing Replacement Parts
Ordering a Replacement Part
Replacing the System
Tools Required to Remove and Replace Components
Miscellaneous Parts (Screws and Standoffs)
Replacing Internal Parts
Replacing External SCSI Devices

10. Safety, Maintenance, and Regulatory Information
Maintaining Your Hardware and Software
Human Factors Guidelines for Setting Up a Workstation
Tips for Setting Up and Using a Workstation
Manufacturer's Regulatory Declarations
Limited User Warranty

A. Cable Pinout Assignments
Serial Ports
Parallel Port
Ethernet 10-BASE T Port
Ethernet AUI Port
50-Pin SCSI Port
68-Pin SCSI Port

B. Serial Cables
Printer/Character (ASCII) Terminal Serial Cable
Modem Cable
Serial Devices Using a Silicon Graphics Adapter Cable
Serial Devices Using a PC Adapter Cable
Challenge S to Indy and Indigo2 Cable (DIN-8 to DIN-8)
Challenge S to Onyx Cable (DIN-8 to DB9)

C. Floptical Drive Jumper Settings

D. Supported Terminals