A flat metallic disk that contains information that you can view and copy onto your own hard disk; you cannot change or add to the disk. CD-ROM is an abbreviation for compact disc read-only memory.


A communication network used to connect computers.

gigabit (Gbit)

A communication rate of 2^30 bits per second.


Any system connected to the network.


The name that uniquely identifies each host (system) on the network.

IP address

A number that uniquely identifies each host (system) on a TCP/IP network.


Light-emitting diode, a light on a piece of hardware that indicates status or error conditions.


Medium access control, also called the physical layer.

MAC address

The physical address of the SGI 10-Gbit Ethernet Network adapter, which is distinct from the IP address.


Maximum Transmission Unit is a configuration parameter that controls the size of the Ethernet frames that the SGI 10-Gigabit Ethernet network adapter can transmit and receive.

man (manual) page

An online document that describes how to use a particular IRIX command. Also called reference page.

multiclient configuration

A TCP/IP configuration in which the IRIX system is connected via 10-Gbit Ethernet to a switch that fans out to multiple clients via 1-Gbit Ethernet.


Network Information Service, a distributed database mechanism for user accounts, host names, mail aliases, and so on.


Peripheral Component Interconnect, a bus specification. The PCI bus is a high-performance local bus used to connect peripherals to memory and a microprocessor. Many vendors offer devices that plug into the PCI bus.

point-to-point configuration

A TCP/IP configuration in which IRIX is transmitting to or receiving from IRIX.

reference page

See man (manual) page.


A standard networking protocol that is included in the IRIX software.