Personal System Administration Guide

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1. Overview of System Administration
Choosing an Administrator
Performing System Administration Tasks
Setting Up Your System
Logging In to and Out of Your System
Shutting Down or Restarting the System

2. Software
Installing and Removing Software
Software Manager
Viewing Installed or Available Products
Installing a Product
Removing a Product
Advanced Topics
Adding, Removing, and Updating Licenses
License Manager
Install a License
Remove a License
Update a License

3. Hardware and Devices
Adding, Removing, and Sharing Printers
Printer Manager
Start Sharing Printers
Stop Sharing Printers
Accessing a Macintosh or PC Printer Across the Network
Unmount a Macintosh or PC Printer
Adding and Removing Peripheral Devices
Serial Device Manager
Add a Modem
Remove a Modem
Add a Serial Device
Remove a Serial Device
Setting Up SCSI Peripherals
Setting Up Parallel Peripherals
Managing Disk Drives
Disk Manager
Initialize a Disk
Verify a Disk
Remove a Disk From the System
Create a Striped Logical Volume
Create an Extendable Logical Volume
Extend a Logical Volume
Remove a Logical Volume
Managing Removable Media Devices
Removable Media Manager
Format Removable Media
Monitor a Removable Media Device
Stop Monitoring Removable Media
Start Sharing Removable Media Devices
Stop Sharing Removable Media Devices

4. Security and Access Control
Controlling System Security
Understanding User Accounts, Groups, and the Network
User Manager
Managing User Accounts
Managing User Groups
Configuring the Login Procedure and Window
Configure Auto Login
Configure Login Window
Setting File Ownership and Access
Permissions Manager
Making Files and Devices Available to Remote Users
Shared Resource Manager
Start Sharing a Directory
Stop Sharing a Directory
Making Your Disk Space Available to Other Users
Controlling System Administration Privileges
Privilege Manager
Grant Privileges to a User
Revoke Privileges From a User
Enable Use of Granted Privileges
Disable Use of Granted Privileges

5. Network and Connectivity
Understanding Networking Basics
Network Interface Manager
Set Up and Start Networking
Turn Off Networking
Modify Networking Settings
Setting Up Electronic Mail
Controlling NFS and NIS
Set Up and Start NIS
Turn Off NIS
Set Up and Start NFS
Turn Off NFS
Making Remote Resources Available
Find Remote Resources
Filesystem Manager
Mount a Network Filesystem
Mount an AppleShare or NetWare Filesystem
Unmount a Filesystem
Remount a Filesystem
Using Disk Space on Other Systems
Setting Up a Host List
Host Manager
Add a Host Entry
Modify a Host Entry
Delete a Host Entry
Setting Up ISDN
ISDN Manager
Using ISDN and Other Networks Simultaneously
Prerequisites for Using ISDN
Ordering ISDN Services and Hardware
Setting Up ISDN Hardware
Setting Up ISDN Software
Turning On and Testing the ISDN Connection
ISDN Technical Details
Setting Up PPP Connections
PPP Manager
Adding a PPP Connection
Changing a PPP Connection
Removing a PPP Connection
Opening a PPP Connection
Closing a PPP Connection

6. Files and Data
Managing Local File Systems
Mount a Local Filesystem
Unmount a Filesystem
Set Filesystem Space Monitoring
Freeing Disk Space
Taking Advantage of a Second Disk
Backing Up and Restoring Data
Backup and Restore Basics
Backup and Restore Manager
Back Up Files
Restore Files From Backup
Unschedule a Backup

7. System Performance
Setting Up Swap Space
Understanding Swap Space
Swap Manager
Adding Real Swap Space
Adding Virtual Swap Space
Removing Swap Space
Viewing Current System Activity
Process Manager
Viewing Memory Usage
Viewing System Resources
Viewing CPU Usage
Managing Processes From the Command Line
Viewing Previous System Activity
Viewing the System Log
View the System Administration Log
Set System Administration Log Options

8. Troubleshooting
Responding to System Monitor Warnings
Troubleshooting Software Installation Problems
Troubleshooting License Manager Problems
Troubleshooting Problems With Removable Media
Troubleshooting Shared Resources Problems
Troubleshooting Network Errors
Troubleshooting Standard Printing Problems
Troubleshooting lpr Printing
Troubleshooting the ISDN Connection
Running Confidence Tests