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Table 6-1. Comparison of Ultra and Fast, Wide and Narrow SCSI Rates
Table 6-2. Bus Rate + Operating Mode = Data Burst Rates
Table 6-3. Maximum Combined SCSI Cable Length For Daisy-Chaining Devices
Table 6-4. Additional Information on External SCSI Devices
Table 6-5. Serial Port Assignment
Table C-1. Microphone Port Pinout
Table C-2. Speaker/Headphone Port Pinout
Table C-3. Speaker Power Port Pinout
Table C-4. SCSI Port Pinout
Table C-5. Ethernet 10-BASE-T/100-BASE-T Port Pinout
Table C-6. Parallel Port Pinout
Table C-7. Keyboard and Mouse Port Pinout
Table C-8. Serial Port Pinout - PC-Compatible
Table C-9. Serial Port Pinout - Macintosh-Compatible
Table C-10. Printer/Dumb Terminal Cable Pinout
Table C-11. PC Modem Cable Pinout
Table C-12. Female DB9 to Female MiniDIN8 Adapter Cable Pinout
Table C-13. Female DB9 to Female DB9 Adapter Cable Pinout
Table C-14. 20 Inch Monitor Pinout
Table C-15. DDC Enabled Monitor Pinout
Table C-16. StereoView Pinout Assignments
Table C-17. Physical Environment Specifications
Table C-18. Microphone Specifications
Table C-19. Speaker Specifications
Table C-20. Headphone Specifications
Table C-21. Analog Line Level Specifications
Table C-22. PCI Module Power Specifications