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Figure 2-1. The Main View Window
Figure 2-2. Array Visualizer Window
Figure 2-3. Machine-Level Debugger Views
Figure 3-1. Main Static Analyzer Window
Figure 3-2. Browser View with Query Menus with C++ Data
Figure 4-1. Performance Analyzer Main View
Figure 4-2. Usage View (Graphs) Window: Lower Graphs
Figure 5-1. Major Areas of the Tester Window
Figure 6-1. The X/Motif Analyzer Window
Figure 6-2. X/Motif Analyzer Widget Tree Examiner
Figure 6-3. X/Motif Analyzer with Trace Examiner Data
Figure A-1. Typical Graphical View
Figure A-2. Graph Display Controls
Figure A-3. Overview Window with Resulting Graph
Figure A-4. Node Pop-up Menus