ProDev™ WorkShop: Overview

Document Number: 007-2582-007

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1. ProDev WorkShop Overview

2. Using the Debugger
Debugger Overview
Debugging an Application

3. Navigating Through Code
Static Analyzer User Model
Browser User Model

4. Pinpointing Performance Problems
Performance Analyzer User Model

5. Testing, Recompiling, and Making Quick Changes
Determining the Thoroughness of Test Coverage with Tester
Recompiling with Build Manager
Making Quick Changes with Fix+Continue

6. Debugging X/Motif Programs
Features of the X/Motif Analyzer

A. Using Graphical Views
General Graphical View Characteristics
Manipulating the Display
Filtering Nodes and Arcs

B. Customizing ProDev WorkShop Tools
Customizing within the ProDev WorkShop Toolkit
Changing X Window System Resources