Appendix B. Customizing ProDev WorkShop Tools

If the configuration of a window or view does not meet your particular needs, you may be able to adjust the graphical user interface accordingly. This appendix discusses how to make such changes.

Customizing within the ProDev WorkShop Toolkit

If you want to change the appearance of the ProDev WorkShop windows, we recommend that you start with the following menus that are provided for that purpose:

  • WorkShop Main View: Display menu

  • Array Browser: Color, Scale , Format, and Spreadsheet menus

  • Call Stack View: Config and Display menus

  • Disassembly View: Config, Disassemble, and Display menus

  • Expression View: Config, Display, Language popup, and Format popup menus

  • Memory View: Mode menu

  • Process Meter: Charts and Scale menu

  • Register View: Config menu

  • Source View: Display menu

  • Data Explorer: Config, Display, Node, and Format popup menus

  • Trap Manager: Config and Display menus

  • Variable Browser: Language and Format popup menus

  • Build Analyzer: Filter, Selected Node and Node popup menus, and the graphic controls

  • Build View: Preferences... and Build Options... selections from the Admin menu

  • Performance Analyzer: Config menus in all views, Selected Node and Node popup menus, and graphic controls in graphical views

  • Static Analyzer: Views menu, Selected Node and Node popup menus, and graphic controls in graphical views

  • Tester: Views menu, and Selected Node popup and Node popup menus and graphic controls in graphical views

Changing X Window System Resources

While there are hundreds of X Window System resources that you can change but we recommend that you avoid modifying these recources if at all possible. In some cases, there may be no way within WorkShop to make the desired change. If you must modify resources, the following X Window System resources for the Debugger and its views may be useful:


If set to true, sets default format for *char results as strings in Expression View, the Variable Browser, and the Data Explorer; otherwise the default format will be the hexadecimal address.


Sets the length of the File field in the Main View. The default is 30 characters.

Cvmain*disableLicenseWarnings and *disableLicenseWarnings

Disables the license warning message that displays when you start the Debugger and the other tools.


If you prefer to view source code in a text editor rather than in Source View, lets you specify a text editor. The default is the vi editor.


Lets you set the maximum number of expressions that can be read from a file by Expression View. The default is 25.

The following resources apply to Source View:


Displays source line numbers by default.


Sets the length of the File field in Source View. The default is 30 characters.


Sets the number of spaces for tabs in Source View .

The following resource applies to Build View:


Is used to determine which program to used with make(1), smake(1), clearmake(1), and so forth.). The default value is make(1).


Specifies whether cvmake(1) begins its build immediately upon being launched. The default value is true.

To change these resources, you need to set the desired value in your .Xdefaults file, and rerun the xrdb(1) command, if you use it. Then, restart your application so that the resource gets picked up.