List of Examples

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Example 1-1. Word Count Text File
Example 2-1. Directory View of the Installation Images
Example 2-2. Main Inst Screen
Example 2-3. Full Listing of Software Products
Example 2-4. Necessary Installation Files
Example 2-5. Results From helpcheck Script
Example 2-6. Results From helpdiff Script
Example 2-7. English helpmap After Using gethelp
Example 2-8. Helpmap After Using gethelp on a French Document
Example 2-9. Versions Output
Example 4-1. *.full File Quality Assurance Report for Links
Example 6-1. SGML Translation of Example FrameMaker File
Example 6-2. .full File for a Book
Example 6-3. Translation Error and Warning Report
Example 6-4. Link QA Report
Example 6-5. Glossary QA Report
Example 8-1. A Helpmap Sample
Example 8-2. A Localized Helpmap Sample
Example 8-3. A Localized Helpmap Entry
Example B-1. Directory of a Sample HTML Book