Video Server Toolkit Developer's Guide

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1. New Features
New Features in Version 1.2
New Features in Version 1.1

2. Overview of Video Server Toolkit
Functional Overview
Software Overview
Hardware Overview

3. Using the Video Server Toolkit GUIs
Playing and Recording Clips with mcpanel
Monitoring the Status of Video Server Toolkit (mcstat)

4. Adding and Removing Clips
Overview of Adding Clips Procedure
VST Media Formats and Types
Adding Clips to VST
Transferring a Clip Segment
Removing Clips
Exporting VST Clips

5. Using Clip Manager
Starting the Clip Manager
Clip Manager Menus
Obtaining Information About a Clip
Renaming a Clip
Deleting a Clip
Setting the Protections for a Clip

6. Archiving Clips
Overview of the Archival System
About StudioCentral
Using VST With the StudioCentral 2.0 Archive System

7. Virtual Clips
Virtual Clip Command Overview
File Operations On Virtual Clips
Working With Segments
Working with Frames

8. 4:2:2:4 Sampled Video
Setting VST Controls
Workflow to Generate a Single 4:2:2:4 Clip
Sample MVCP Scripts

9. DVB-ASI Time-Delay Server

10. FailSafe Operations
Hardware Configuration
Troubleshooting IRIS FailSafe

11. Completing Common Tasks Using MVCP Commands
Manual Access to Video Server Toolkit
Creating and Deleting a Unit
Loading, Creating, and Unloading a Clip
Finding the Name of a Clip
Setting Edit Points
Cueing Decks to Play or Record
Sequencing Commands
Playing a Prerecorded Clip
Setting and Listing Configuration Values
Listing Video and Deck Control Ports
Identifying the Audio Ports to Use
Configuring Audio Recording
Configuring Video Recording Compression
Recording a Clip
Editing Clips
Displaying Your Logo
Playing Clips from a Playlist
Monitoring Unit State
Monitoring the System

A. Multiport Video Computer Protocol (MVCP) Command Summary
Protocol Format
Unit Management
Command Sets
Command Triggers
Response Codes
Global Commands
Unit Commands


Video Server Toolkit Installation and Administration GuideVideo Server Toolkit Installation and Administration Guide Video Server Toolkit Installation and Administration Guide