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Figure 2-1. Block Sync Patterns
Figure 3-1. Active Pixels and Blanking Region
Figure 3-2. Painting the Screen With a CRT
Figure 3-3. Line Showing Blanking Region
Figure 3-4. Detail of Horizontal Blanking Region
Figure 3-5. Detail of Horizontal Line in Screen Orientation
Figure 3-6. Summary of Horizontal Intervals
Figure 3-7. Detail of Vertical Regions in Screen Orientation
Figure 3-8. A Typical Vertical Blanking Region
Figure 3-9. Vertical Blanking Region of Commercial Sync Format
Figure 3-10. Different Levels of Sync
Figure 3-11. Interlaced Format Line Layout
Figure 3-12. Per-Window Stereo Line Layout
Figure 3-13. Full-Screen Stereo Line Layout
Figure 3-14. Quantization Example