List of Examples

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Example 2-1. 1500 x 1200 at 72 Hz
Example 2-2. 960 x 680 at 50 Hz
Example 2-3. 640 x 480 at 60 Hz
Example 4-1. Use of -a ascii Output
Example 5-1. The Silicon Graphics Standard High-Resolution Format
Example 5-2. Standard Layout of Video Source File
Example 5-3. Example of General Section Layout
Example 5-4. The Active Line Template
Example 5-5. Field Composition
Example 5-6. Simple Sync Transition Sets, Whole Lines
Example 5-7. Simple Sync Transition Set, Half Lines
Example 5-8. Sync Transition Set Length
Example 6-1. Interlaced Format
Example 6-2. Stereo Format
Example 6-3. Color Field Sequential Format
Example 6-4. No Transitions
Example 7-1. Nested Board Rules Statements
Example 7-2. Narrowing Scope So No Time Remains
Example 7-3. Copying User Sync Signal to a Board Signal
Example 7-4. Copying the User Sync Signal
Example 7-5. Copying Another Signal With Changes
Example 7-6. Calculating Scalar Variables
Example 7-7. Using Control Statements in Rules
Example 7-8. Video Format Source Setting SerratedCSyncOnHSync
Example 7-9. Rules File Source Defining and Using SerratedCSyncOnHSync
Example 8-1. Setting a Signal on Every Line
Example 8-2. Use of Single Line Ranges
Example 8-3. Use of Function TransitionsDefineOnSignal