Video Format Compiler Programmer's Guide

Document Number: 007-3402-003

Front Matter

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Table of Contents

Compiler Functions
Simple Video Formats Using Templates
Detailed Video Formats Using Native Compiler Language

1. Running the Compiler With a Template
For Users of InfiniteReality
Template Overview
How to Use the Compiler With Templates

2. Using the Block Sync Template
About the Created Format
Examples of Template Use

3. Building Blocks of a Video Format
Architecture of a Video Frame
The Horizontal Line
The Vertical Interval
Level of Sync
The Field of the Format
Definitions of Components
The Pixel-to-Clock Ratio

4. Compiling Native Language Video Formats
Specification of Rules Files
Format Analysis
The Pre-Processor and Its Options

5. Native Compiler Language
Building a Video Frame
Assignment Statements
The General Parameters Section
The Active Line Section
The Field Description

6. Examples of Native Compiler Language
Using Examples
Interlaced Format
Stereo Format
Color Field Sequential
No Transitions

7. Board Hardware Definition
General Notes About Writing Definition Files
Board Description
Rules Definition
Pre-Processing and Post-Processing Statements
Communication Between Format Source and Rules Files

8. Line-Based Format Definition Language
The Line-Based Language
Anticipating Line-Based Definitions in the Rules

A. Native Language Grammar