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Table 1-1. Mouse Button Names and Functions
Table 1-2. Keyboard Substitutes
Table 2-1. User/Icon Interactions and Expected Behavior
Table 3-1. Window Decorations and Window Menu Entries by Window Category
Table 5-1. Data Types Supported for Inter-Application Transfer
Table 7-1. Selection Actions and Results
Table 8-1. File Menu Entries
Table 8-2. Standard Edit Menu Entries
Table 8-3. Keyboard Accelerators
Table 10-1. Types of Dialogs, Their Modality, and When to Use Them
Table 11-1. Standard Pointer Shapes and Colors
Table 12-1. Use of Modifier Keys in a 3D Application
Table 12-2. Pointers for 3D Functionality
Table 13-1. 3D Viewing Functions and User Interface
Table 13-2. Overview of Inspection Viewing Functions
Table 13-3. Overview of Navigation Viewing Functions
Table 14-1. 3D Selection Actions and Results
Table 15-1. Overview of Manipulation Techniques
Table 15-2. Phases of Planar Translation
Table 15-3. Phases of Translation Along One Axis of the Selected Plane
Table 15-4. Phases of Translation Along the Normal to the Selected Plane
Table 15-5. Phases of Constrained Rotation
Table 15-6. Phases of Free Rotation
Table 15-7. Phases of Uniform Scaling
Table 15-8. Phases of Axial Scaling (Stretching)
Table 15-9. Phases of Uniform Scaling Around a Corner
Table 15-10. Phases of Axial Scaling Around a Side
Table 15-11. Phases of Changing the Center of Rotation and Scaling Along a Plane
Table 15-12. Phases of Changing the Center of Rotation and Scaling Along an Axis