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Example 1-1. Making Tests and Running Them
Example 1-2. Applying a Make-and-Run Script
Example 2-1. lssum Example
Example 2-2. lssource Example
Example 2-3. tut_make_testset Script: Making Individual Tests
Example 2-4. tut_make_testset Script: Making and Adding to the Test Set
Example 2-5. Contents of the New Test Set
Example 2-6. Running the New Test Set
Example 2-7. Examining the Results of the New Test Set
Example 2-8. Source with Counts
Example 2-9. Test Contributions by Function
Example 2-10. Arc Coverage Test Contribution Portion of Report
Example 2-11. Test Set Summary after Removing Tests [8] and [7]
Example A-1. cattest Example
Example A-2. cattest Example without -r
Example A-3. cattest Example with -r
Example A-4. lsinstr Example
Example A-5. Test Description File Examples
Example A-6. lssum Example
Example A-7. lsfun Example
Example A-8. lsblock Example
Example A-9. lsbranch Example
Example A-10. lsarc Example
Example A-11. lscall Example
Example A-12. lsline Example
Example A-13. lssource Example
Example A-14. diff between Two Tests
Example A-15. diff between Different Instrumentations of the Same Test
Example A-16. Optimizing Test Sets