Models of Parallel Computation

Chapter 10, “Models of Parallel Computation”

Provides an overview of the different models around which you can design a parallel or distributed application in Silicon Graphics systems.

Chapter 11, “Statement-Level Parallelism”

Gives an overview of the use of Power Fortran and Power C to execute do-loops across multiple CPUs.

Chapter 12, “Process-Level Parallelism”

Describes the use of IRIX processes to execute in parallel within one address space or in multiple address spaces.

Chapter 13, “Thread-Level Parallelism”

Describes the use of POSIX threads (IEEE 1003.1c) for parallel execution within a single address space.

Chapter 14, “Message-Passing Parallelism”

Describes two different facilities for distributing an application across multiple host computers: PVM and MPI.