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Table 1-1. Sirius Video Inputs and Outputs
Table 1-2. Sirius Video Video Formats
Table 2-1. Device Controls for Sirius Video
Table 2-2. Controls for Sirius Video Nodes
Table 2-3. Sirius Video Control Values and Uses
Table 2-4. Sirius Video Packing Type Sizes and Formats
Table 2-5. Sirius Video Texture Packing Types
Table 2-6. Setting Filters
Table 2-7. Events Supported by Sirius Video
Table 3-1. Choices for Blend Functions A and B
Table 3-2. Sirius Video Chroma Keying Controls
Table 3-3. RGB to YUV Color-Space Conversion
Table 3-4. YUV to RGB Color-Space Conversion
Table 3-5. Binary Compositing
Table 3-6. Blend Controls
Table 4-1. VL Controls for GPI Triggering
Table 4-2. GPI Pin Usage
Table 5-1. Typical V-LAN Sequence for Triggering
Table 5-2. V-LAN Commands
Table 5-3. Movement Commands
Table 5-4. GOTO Commands
Table 5-5. Edit Commands
Table 5-6. Wait Mode Commands
Table 5-7. Edit Point Setup Commands
Table 5-8. Status Commands
Table 5-9. Frame Grab Commands
Table 5-10. Validity Check Commands
Table 5-11. Sync Play Commands
Table 5-12. GPSI Commands
Table 5-13. Slow Motion Commands
Table 5-14. Miscellaneous Commands
Table A-1. Analog Input and Output Channel Specs
Table A-2. S/N Ratio, A/D Inputs, No Crosstalk, 100kHz-5.0 MHz, No Weighting
Table A-3. Inherent S/N Ratio
Table A-4. Output Jitter
Table A-5. Output Genlock Crosstalk
Table A-6. Sirius Video Formats
Table A-7. Breakout Box Host Connections
Table A-8. Interface for Video Equipment
Table A-9. Transfer Mode Usage for Link A and Link B Digital Connectors
Table A-10. Video Connectors.
Table B-1. PVA 1352 Electrical Specifications
Table C-1. Genlock Sync Menu Choices and Breakout Box Sockets