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Figure 2-1. The Static Analyzer Window
Figure 2-2. The Fileset Editor Window
Figure 2-3. Static Analyzer Queries Menu and Query Target Field
Figure 2-4. The Results of a List Functions Query
Figure 2-5. Typical Static Analyzer Call Tree
Figure 3-1. The Fileset Selection Browser Window
Figure 4-1. List All Global Variables Results
Figure 4-2. Who References? Results
Figure 4-3. The Save Query File Browser Window
Figure 5-1. Sample Text View
Figure 5-2. Call Tree View Displaying Functions and Function Calls
Figure 5-3. The View Control Panel
Figure 5-4. Incremental Mode Example
Figure 5-5. Displaying Node Information at Reduced Scale
Figure 5-6. The Results Filter Window
Figure 5-7. The Results Filter Query Results
Figure 6-1. A Project Cross-Reference Database
Figure 7-1. Browsing Windows
Figure 7-2. Outline Icon Examples
Figure 8-1. Steps in Specifying a Parser Fileset (C++)
Figure 8-2. Initial Display with Item Selected
Figure 8-3. Browser View Window with C++ Data
Figure 8-4. Performing a Query on Current Class
Figure 8-5. Static Analyzer after a Browser Query
Figure 8-6. Performing a Query on an Element in a List
Figure 8-7. Graph Views Window in Containment Mode
Figure 8-8. Comparison of Data Displayed in a Containment Graph
Figure 8-9. Graph Views Window in Inheritance Mode
Figure 8-10. Man Page Generator Window
Figure 8-11. Man Page Template
Figure 8-12. Web Page Generator Window
Figure 9-1. Browsing Choices Window
Figure 9-2. Browser View Window Elements
Figure 9-3. Outline List Icons and Indicator Marks
Figure 9-4. Browser View Menu Bar with Menus Displayed
Figure 9-5. Man Page Generator and Typical Man Page Template
Figure 9-6. Web Page Generator Window
Figure 9-7. Queries Popup Menus in the Browser View Window
Figure 9-8. Displaying a Selected Method in Call Graph