ProDev™ WorkShop: Static Analyzer User's Guide

Document Number: 007-2580-006

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1. Introduction to the WorkShop Static Analyzer
How the Static Analyzer Works
Steps in Static Analysis

2. Tutorials for the Static Analyzer
Applying the Static Analyzer to Scanned Files
Applying the Static Analyzer to Parsed C++ Files
Using the Compiler to Create a Static Analysis Database
Other Static Analyzer Features

3. Creating a Fileset and Generating a Database
Fileset Specifications
Using the Fileset Editor
Creating a Fileset Manually
Using Command-Line Options to Create and Use a Fileset
Generating a Static Analyzer Database
Rescanning the Fileset
Setting the Search Path for Included Files
Changing to a New Fileset and Working Directory

4. Queries
Defining the Scope of a Query
Making a Query
Viewing Source Code
Repeating Queries
Saving Query Results

Text View
Call Tree View
Class Tree View
File Dependency View
The Results Filter

6. Working on Large Programming Projects
Creating a Fileset Using a Shell Script
Customizing the Fileset for Individual Code Modules
Using the Results Filter to Focus Queries
Applying Group Analysis Techniques

7. Getting Started with the Browser
Starting Browser View
General Characteristics of the Browser

8. Browser Tutorial for C++
Sample C++ Session

9. The Browser Reference
Browsing Choices Window
Browser View Window
Graph Views Window
Call Graph Window

A. Customizing the Browser
Customizing the Browser View Lists
Customizing Man Page Generation