ProDev™ WorkShop: Performance Analyzer User's Guide

Document Number: 007-2581-008

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Table of Contents

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1. Introduction to the Performance Analyzer
Performance Analysis Overview
Sources of Performance Problems

2. Features in the Performance Analyzer
The Time Line Display
Resource Usage Graphs
The Parallel Overhead View
The Function List Area
Viewing Source Code with Performance Annotations
Viewing Metrics by Machine Instruction
Leak View, Malloc View, Malloc Error View, and Heap View
Cord Analyzer

3. Performance Analyzer Tutorial
Tutorial Setup
Analyzing the Performance Data
Analyzing Memory Experiments

4. Setting Up Performance Analysis Experiments
Experiment Setup
Selecting a Performance Task
Setting Sample Traps
Displaying Data from the Parallel Analyzer

5. Performance Analyzer Reference
Selecting Performance Tasks
Specifying a Custom Task
Configuring the Experiment
The Performance Analyzer Main Window
Usage View (Graphs)
The Process Meter Window
Usage View (Numerical) Window
The I/O View Window
The MPI Stats View (Graphs) Window
The MPI Stats View (Numerical) Window
The Parallel Overhead View Window
The Call Graph View Window
Butterfly View
Analyzing Memory Problems
The Call Stack Window
Analyzing Working Sets