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Table 1-1. Routines that Modify libpr Object Reference Counts
Table 2-1. Attributes in the Share Mask of a Channel Group
Table 3-1. OpenGL Performer Node Types
Table 3-2. pfGroup Functions
Table 3-3. pfDCS Transformations
Table 3-4. pfFCS Functions
Table 3-5. pfSequence Functions
Table 3-6. pfLOD Functions
Table 3-7. pfLayer Functions
Table 3-8. pfGeode Functions
Table 3-9. pfText Functions
Table 3-10. pfBillboard Functions
Table 3-11. pfPartition Functions
Table 4-1. Traversal Attributes for the Major Traversals
Table 4-2. Test Instructions
Table 4-3. Assign Instructions
Table 4-4. Jump Instructions
Table 4-5. Functions Available for User-Defined Cull Program Instructions
Table 4-6. Cull Callback Return Values
Table 4-7. Intersection-Query Token Names
Table 4-8. Database Classes and Corresponding Node Masks
Table 4-9. Representing Traversal Mask Values
Table 4-10. Possible Traversal Results
Table 5-1. Frame Control Functions
Table 5-2. LOD Transition Zones
Table 5-3. Multiprocessing Models
Table 5-4. Trigger Routines and Associated Processes
Table 6-1. pfEarthSky Functions
Table 6-2. pfEarthSky Attributes
Table 6-3. pfVolFog Functions
Table 6-4. pfVolFog Attributes
Table 6-5. pfVolFog Flags
Table 6-6. pfShadow Functions
Table 6-7. pfShadow Attributes
Table 6-8. Key Command-Line Options of makeProxyImages 
Table 7-1. Database-Importer Source Directories
Table 7-2. libpfdu Database Converter Functions
Table 7-3. Loader Name Composition
Table 7-4. libpfdu Database Converter Management Functions
Table 7-5. pfdBuilder Modes and Attributes
Table 7-6. Supported Database Formats
Table 7-7. Geometric Definitions in LSA Files
Table 7-8. RPC Converter Values
Table 7-9. RPC Converter Attributes
Table 7-10. Object Tokens in the SGO Format
Table 7-11. Mesh Control Tokens in the SGO Format
Table 7-12. OpenGL Performer Pseudo Loaders
Table 7-13. Default Path for the Maya Export Plug-in
Table 7-14. Maya Export Options
Table 7-15. Maya Features Supported by the Exporter
Table 7-16. Maya Exporter Support for UV Mapping Methods
Table 7-17. Maya Exporter Support for Material Properties
Table 7-18. Maya Exporter Support for Texture Properties
Table 8-1. pfGeoSet Routines
Table 8-2. Geometry Primitives
Table 8-3. pfGeoSet PACKED_ATTR Formats
Table 8-4. Attribute Bindings
Table 8-5. pfFont Routines
Table 8-6. pfString Routines
Table 10-1. Topology Building Methods
Table 10-2. Adding Topology and Tessellations to .iv and .csb Files
Table 10-3. Reading and Writing .pfb Files: with and without Tessellations
Table 12-1. pfGeoState Mode Tokens
Table 12-2. pfTransparency Tokens
Table 12-3. pfGeoState Value Tokens
Table 12-4. Enable and Disable Tokens
Table 12-5. Rendering Attribute Tokens
Table 12-6. Texture Image Sources
Table 12-7. Texture Load Modes
Table 12-8. Texture Generation Modes
Table 12-9. pfFog Tokens
Table 12-10. pfHlightMode() Tokens
Table 12-11. Matrix Manipulation Routines
Table 12-12. pfSprite Rotation Modes
Table 12-13. pfGeoState Routines
Table 13-1. Uniform Variable Types
Table 14-1. pfPipeWindow Functions That Do Not Propagate
Table 14-2. Methods for Querying the System for Hardware Compositors
Table 14-3. Methods Used in Creating pfCompositors
Table 14-4. Methods for Querying pfCompositors
Table 14-5. Static Methods for Querying pfCompositors
Table 14-6. Methods to Control the Load Balancing Transitions
Table 14-7. Methods for Managing Screen Space, Channel Clipping, and Antialiasing
Table 15-1. Tiling Algorithms
Table 15-2. Image Cache Configuration File Fields
Table 15-3. Image Tile Filename Tokens
Table 15-4. Cliptexture Configuration File Fields
Table 15-5. Parameter Tokens
Table 15-6. Image Tile Filename Tokens
Table 16-1. pfWinType() Tokens
Table 16-2. pfWinFBConfigAttrs() Tokens
Table 16-3. Window System Types
Table 16-4. pfWinMode() Tokens
Table 17-1. pfPWinType Tokens
Table 17-2. Processes From Which to Call Main pfPipeWindow Functions
Table 18-1. Thread Information
Table 18-2. Default Input and Output Ranges
Table 18-3. pfVClock Routines
Table 18-4. Memory Allocation Routines
Table 18-5. pfNotify Routines
Table 18-6. Error Notification Levels
Table 18-7. pfFilePath Routines
Table 19-1. pfEngine Types
Table 20-1. Fields in the Triangle Data Structure
Table 21-1. Raster Versus Calligraphic Displays
Table 22-1. Routines for 3-Vectors
Table 22-2. Routines for 4x4 Matrices
Table 22-3. Routine s for Quaternions
Table 22-4. Matrix Stack Routines
Table 22-5. Routines to Create Bounding Volumes
Table 22-6. Routines to Extend Bounding Volumes
Table 22-7. Routines to Transform Bounding Volumes
Table 22-8. Testing Points for Inclusion in a Bounding Volume
Table 22-9. Testing Volume Intersections
Table 22-10. Intersection Results
Table 22-11. Available Intersection Tests
Table 22-12. Discriminator Return Values
Table 26-1. Corresponding Routines in the C and C++ API
Table 26-2. Header Files for libpf Scene Graph Node Classes
Table 26-3. Header Files for Other libpf Classes
Table 26-4. Header Files for libpr Graphics Classes
Table 26-5. Header Files for Other libpr Classes
Table 26-6.  Data and Functions Provided by User Subclasses